Lula is an ambulating robot with four legs. Inspired by the gait of insects, Lula’s body consists of joined limbs that perform opposite movements. Her 'muscles' are wires and elastic bands and her exoskeleton is made of laminated paper, with reinforcing pieces of acrylic. She ‘walks’ with the help of a micro controller and three servo motors. The movement in her 'hips' and 'knees' is created in parallel bar hinges and single folds.
Lula took ten weeks to develop and was preceded by over 22 prototypes. She also has a younger (and smaller sister) Yona.

Partner: Lara Tomholt
Course: Informal Robotics, taught by Chuck Hoberman and Jonathan Grinham - Harvard Graduate School of Design

Lula and Yona taking a walk

Top view Lula 'sees' with two black IR sensors attached to her body

From the side two 3D printed spools modulate the amount of tension exerted on Lula's muscles

Lula's connections were made on a vinyl cutter – they make up her nervous system

Before Lula, 22 others didn't make the cut