ferro tiles


This research focused on expanding a casting method originally developed in 2012 by David Kisailus, et al. My goal was to adapt the method to a larger range of materials and to incorporate these results into an existing workflow.
Working closely with scientists at the Wyss Institute, I was able to attain a 3D model of the samples I produced. I then applied image processing to quantify the features of the 3D scans. This enabled me to quantitatively predict aesthetic attributes across a wide range of materials thus informing future improvements to the casting workflow.
Results published in and presented at the 38th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA), October 2018.

Fluid Equilibrium: Material Computation in Ferrofluidic Castings

Epoxy resin, stoneware, and gypsum cement samples

Top: original casting method
Bottom: amended process for clay [shrinking] bodies

Tile casts generated across a range of materials using the same magnetic field

Pattern analysis using a combination of X-ray microcomputed tomography and image processing