AMPL!FY is a public art initiative that paired artists with a non-profit organizations working on the front lines of social justice. As part of AMPL!FY’s design team, I worked with Mark Randall (AIGA medalist 2017) on the initiative’s graphic assets (logo, fonts, color schemes, poster layout), developed the AMPL!FY website, and drafted grant proposals.
The project launched in New York City November 2, 2017 and has engendered two streetscape public art installations, an exhibition at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) and a dance performance by the Marching Cobras.

Logo and main call to action

Streetscape exhibition in the Financial District, main elements of which are two-sided vitrines. Shown here is the side containing the posters.HELLO!

For the website, our main objective was to translate the sensation of seeing the streetscape exhibition. For the home page – the user sees the artwork side of the vitrine.

On the mobile home page, the user is required to flip through the poster images as if they were a deck of cards. The posters are experienced more intimately, one at a time. The order in which the posters are stacked is random on every load.

The other side of the vitrine contains the information on the central theme for the poster, the non-profit partner, and a brief artist bio.

The poster taxonomy

The website taxonomy: our approach was analogous to the home page. The individual project pages are closely modeled after the back of the posters to convey an in-person experience on the web.

Exhibition at MAD: this image reflects the context-agnostic identify we hoped to construct. The way in which these social justice themes were presented had to work on the street, the screen, and in a museum.