Co green

UX, UI, Animation

Fall 2014

People waste around the world. Frequently we don’t realize the quantity that we discard and the rate at which we do so. As individuals become more conscientious of their lifestyles, they are more amenable to change.
Enter Co green - a mobile app that enables you to see the possibilities. A couple of screen taps can get you to the nearest compost/E-Waste/Furniture/Textiles facility, see what your neighbors across the lawn/town/state/country/world are doing, and set personal goals at your own pace.
By supplying context I hope to facilitate greener initiative amongst the eco-minded. I believe that by illustrating waste and comparing wasteful habits internationally behavioral change will occur.
To further assist that initiative, Co green keeps track of the user’s updates enabling the individual to track progress and to grow her history. The app also stays relevant by making updates to the global statistics within 24 hours of when the data is released by government agencies.


Map Explore demo