Liquid Lab

Web Design, UX, UI

Spring 2015

As a part of the Visual Design course at General Assembly, students are assigned to develop key brand deliverables – fonts, color schemes, mood boards, and a home page layout – for either a music streaming app called Beat Box or a juice company by the name of Liquid Lab (LL).
Initially frustrated with having only two choices to work with, I soon learned to enjoy the boundaries set by the course. Food was always an important subject matter to me, so I decided to carry on with LL.
A believer in food facts, I sought out to create something that extended beyond the foundation of a quintessential juice company – something that brought nutritional awareness to the consumer as well.
In order to make this information digestible, I took on an interactive approach. Mad Libs is a game we become familiar with as children – fun, farcical, and nonsensical – it makes for a great pass time. By combining fun with serious subject matter, the user’s experience becomes unique. Thus the first thing someone navigating to the LL site will encounter is form submission with a simple statement – “I need _____________ today.” The response generates a fun fact, a photo, and a product recommendation. Thus, simultaneously serving utility to the customer while giving LL a peek into their users’ needs.

Live Form Demo

Home Page Layout

Problem Statement and Proposal

Other Brand Collateral