Route 2 Happiness

Animation, Graphic Design

Summer 2015

"Michael and Victor finish grad school in New York and set out one summer to discover America through an accessible and universal idea embedded in the DNA of society: happiness. The filmmakers crowd-fund the project and set off across 7000 miles to California seeking out people of all profiles to explore their definitions of happiness. A first interview with an economist helps to shape what questions they will ask along the journey, and soon the path begins to unfold in an improvised manner through a web of highways and strangers. They meet the likes of a revolutionary, chess master, painter, poet, psychiatrist, shaman, hippie, lawyer, activist, mathematician, buddhist monk, clown, and neuroscientist. In the 15 minute short shot over 5 weeks, their anecdotal research uncovers common elements about the importance of striving, believing, discovering, engaging and connecting. Instead of finishing at the sight of the Pacific Ocean, their journey continues living with them."

I created three animations and a poster for the documentary short.

Feature Poster

Title and Map Animations

End Credits