Lula is an ambulating robot with four legs. Inspired by the gait of insects, Lula’s body consists of joined limbs that perform opposite movements. Her 'muscles' are wires and elastic bands and her exoskeleton is made of laminated paper, with reinforcing pieces of acrylic. She ‘walks’ with the help of a microcontroller and three servo motors. The movement in her 'hips' and 'knees' is created in parallel bar hinges and single folds.


Lara Tomholt

Lula has a diminutive sister Yona

Lula sees with two IR sensors. 3D printed spools modulate the amount of tension exerted on her muscles. And her nervous system is made of vinyl cut traces of copper.

The record number of Lula limbs made in a day is 8

And she participated in a demo to a class of middle students.

Developed in 10 weeks
22 prototypes
3 burned Arduinos
5 broken servo motors
1 fried battery charger