public art campaign for social justice

AMPL!FY is a public art initiative pairing ten artists with non-profit organizations working on the front lines of social justice. As part of AMPL!FY’s design team, I worked with AIGA medalist Mark Randall on the initiative’s graphic assets. I also designed and developed the AMPL!FY website. Over the course of 18 months, the project included two public art installations, a series of youth workshops, an exhibition at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) and special events.

  • UX & UI
  • branding
  • exhibition
amplify mocked up on a tablet and phone

The AMPL!FY brand

When creating AML!FY, we chose a strong identity that can carry itself through digital and physical environments while evoking a consistent response.

example of a poster layout
animated amplify logo
brand guidelines

Streetscape exhibition

A central aspect of AMPL!FY was a streetscape exhibition. Nested in two-sided vitrines, the initiative sought to draw in passersby with a prominent artwork on one side. On the other side, we featured information about the contributing artist, the issue the artwork aimed to address and a prompt to get involved.

front side of street exhibition vitrines
back side of street exhibition vitrines


I built the website by creating a custom Jekyll theme using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For a CMS, I integrated CloudCannon enabling the rest of the team to edit content independently.

amplify desktop mockup
amplify phone mockup
exhibition featuring amplify

exhibit at Museum of Arts and Design