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I'm a designer and educator exploring human relationships with technology. Currently at The Hartford Innovation Lab, my responsibilities entail end-to-end product creation — from lo-fidelity sketching to creating the final layouts and gathering data on customer interactions. My background in design, data, and entrepreneurship enables a quantitative approach to design across various modes of technology.
An alumna of Harvard Graduate School of Design and Baruch College, I enjoy teaching in my spare time. My specialties are courses in design, creative coding, and hobbyist electronics. By creating immersive online and in-person content, I aim to give students the ability to embrace technical problems on their own.
PS I made this site from scratch, learn how I did it.


Energy & Buildings

Tunable infrared transmission for energy-efficient pneumatic building façades

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Fluid Equilibrium: Material Computation in Ferrofluidic Castings

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