select product design projects

The archive is a selection of product design work I’ve done in the past. It’s not an exhaustive repository, just notable examples to illustrate how my practice has grown over the last five years. Contact me if you’re interested in seeing more work.

  • UX & UI
  • information architecture
three phone screens transformed in space against a grey background


MoneyMio is a personal finance company featuring tools designed to empower LatinX individuals — a demographic that is traditionally underbanked. It is the only bilingual tool of its kind. Working with MoneyMio, I was the design lead for two key features: Credit Check and Credit Debt Payoff tools. In addition to core design responsibilities, I also helped generate a few social media assets for the team.

a series of screens demonstrating financial literacy tools
three desktop screens mocked up
MoneyMio persona — Roman
MoneyMio persona — Maria


Rabble is an impact investing company connecting users with socially-minded projects. As a freelance product designer and developer, I created rabble’s first website using a combination of a Wordpress theme, HTML, and CSS. The deliverables included a splash, about, and FAQ pages with custom animations. As part of the supporting design efforts, I also conducted a photoshoot.

rabble about and home screen mocked up
FAQ page mocked up on a phone and desktop to demonstrate responsiveness
photo of the rabble team smiling